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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis. AK, a non-invasive system of evaluating body function that is unique in the healing arts, and has become a dynamic movement in health care in its relatively short existence.

The combined terms “applied” and “kinesiology” describe the basis of this system, which is the use of manual muscle testing to evaluate body function through the dynamics of the musculoskeletal system. Treatments may involve specific joint manipulation or mobilization, various myofascial therapies, cranial techniques, meridian and acupuncture skills, clinical nutrition, dietary management, counseling skills, evaluating environmental irritants and various reflex procedures.

The triad of health lists the three basic causes of health problems.  They are structural, chemical, and mental, with structure as the base of the triad. Literally, all health problems, whether functional or pathological, are involved with one part or all parts of the triad. The physician who is aware of the triad of health, and evaluates every patient for all three sides, increases his ability to find the basic underlying cause of a patient's health problem.

Anatomy Drawing
Chiropractic Adjustments and Manual Manipulation

An adjustment or spinal manipulation is a therapeutic intervention perfomed on joints through both high velocity adjustments and through low impact "respiratory" adjustments.  Dr. Rex has studied both Gonstead and Diversified adjustment techniques and uses both in his practice. As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Lynda, uses manual manipulation therapy that is not Chiropractic adjusting, but gently moves the spine and extremities.

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) helps address conditions associated with a mind-body connection. This technique was developed in the early 1980s by Dr. Scott Walker and is a psychosomatic stress reduction intervention procedure aimed at improving health. NET combines a number of techniques and principles from traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic and applied kinesiology. It is an holistic approach to wellness that focuses on imbalances in physical structure, unresolved "neuro-emotional complexes" causing negative patterns of behavior, toxins in the body, and deficiencies in nutrition.

Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Rex and Dr. Lynda use a series of diagnostic and laboratory testing to evaluate the functioning of the internal organs as well as their relation to the entire body to determine the most effective dietary and lifestyle recommendations possible for each individual patient. Food is a huge part of our culture and daily lives. We want to teach you how to heal yourself with whole natural foods. We can provide health consultations, food plans, food alternatives, and be a support for you throughout your health journey. 

Healthy Food
Total Body Modification (TBM)

Total Body Modification (TBM) optimizes treatment and the body's response through the introduction of treatment protocols in a specific order. Treatment includes: use of activator (versus high velocity adjusting), acupressure, diet modifications (to include blood sugar management), emotional work, lifestyle interventions, and use of test vials.  

Fitness counseling

Body movement is crucial to maintaining ones’ health, their mental state, and overall maintenance. By using natural modalities such as Physical Therapy, body weight workouts, yoga, and meditation we will teach you how to better understand your body and protect your nervous system to cope with your everyday life. 

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor therapy allows for manipulation and rebalancing of the pelvic floor muscles allowing for reintegration and re-establishment of normal pelvic floor tone. Re-establishing normal tone allows for improved pelvic stability which can decrease pelvic pain and discomfort as a result of birthing trauma, and sexual trauma, can improve bowel and bladder control, and can improve sexual arousal and orgasm. 

IV Therapy

IV therapy is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get nutrients directly into your blood stream, bypassing the digestive process, allowing vitamins and minerals to go directly into the tissues where they are needed.


IV therapy can help with rehydration and revitalization, can help with vitamin deficiencies, can increase athletic performance, can improve brain health, can improve immune function, and can help with weight-loss. We offer direct subcutaneous injections, as well as IV pushes and drips. 

Drug and Syringe
Minor Surgery 

Minor surgical procedures include examination of concerning abnormalities involving the skin and nails and subsequent removal of things such as skin tags, warts, cysts, or lesions. These procedures are considered out-patient and are most commonly conducted under local anesthesia. Our physicians are also available for suturing of minor cuts and injuries.

BHRT - Pellet Insertion

Our hormones are fundamental to everyday life, and changes in their balance require special management, whether it be due to a medical condition or a specific stage of life.


As men and women age, hormone levels – testosterone, estrogen, and others – naturally decline. However, hormone imbalance may happen to people as early as their 20s and beyond, due to the vast amount of toxins that enter the body from the environment, chemicals we consume in everyday products and toxic, stressful relationships.


The EvexiPEL method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with pellets provides a superior approach to optimize hormones and address health conditions and symptoms associated with unbalanced hormones in women and men.

Instead of daily treatments, most patients only have to visit a practitioner

2-3 times per year for pellet implants. Pellets deliver a steady stream of hormones – when the body needs it – mimicking the way the body naturally releases hormones.

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